Wendy Williams Under Fire After Making Light of Amie Harwick’s Death

I’m convinced Wendy is either bipolar, on some bad meds or is saying things to get people’s attention because this is TOO MERCH!

It was only last week that people were on talk show host Wendy Williams head for comments she made about gay men wearing skirts, AND NOW she’s making light of Amie Harwick’s death.

In case you didn’t hear Amie Harwick was allegedly pushed from a 3rd floor balcony early Saturday morning. According to Los Angeles Police Department, her ex-boyfriend Gareth Pursehouse, was taken into custody and charged with her murder.

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Wendy discussed the murder during her Hot Topics segment and stated; “She was killed — not by Drew — but by the ex.” “Come on down!” she added, using the signature phrase from “The Price is Right” as she looked up and then down, in an apparent reference to Harwick’s fall. - Via Theneighborhoodtalk2

A MESS! See the video below:

It almost looks like a bad edit the way she says it, but seeing that this is a live TV show there’s no way this is fake. She definitely said what she said. My question is, what is going on with Wendy, is someone writing these jokes? It the meds? Whatever it is she better get it together before endorsements walk away. At the ends of the day, you’re welcome to your thoughts but SHEESH, have some respect!

Hit me on Instagram @naybesa. What do you think is going on with Wendy?

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