BESA Recaps: Seattle Aquarium After Hours Happy Hour

Want to visit the aquarium but without the kids? Well, I have the event for you! For the second time, I went to the Aquarium After Dark Happy Hour (by myself) and had a amazing time.

For me, I’m not always the biggest fan of going out when there are children running around, so to be at the aquarium not only with a drink in hand but without kids is totally up my alley.

During the happy hour, there are classes about the fish, music, and food for purchase. You also get to roam the entire Aquarium as you would during normal hours.

So far I’ve only gone alone, but that’s mainly because I go just to relax. However, this is definitely a happy hour for groups of friends to do something fun and a little different as an adult.

The event happens every couple months so stay tuned for when the next one is happening.

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