New Video: Cashier ft Papablack Davinci & Lewie - Before Its Over

Oh heeeeyyyyyy!!!!!

First of all happy Memorial Weekend, as you all know I’m not big on holidays BUT I’m big on the overall turn up and food that’s involved.

Anywhoots! Seattle and Tacoma came together to drop a fire song just in time for Summer. Cashier calls on Papablack Davinci and MKF’s Lewie for his latest single “Before It’s over.” Check out the song and video below!


Let me tell you why this song is a vibe. I love music about getting it in while you’re still on this earth. It’s so easy to BS your way through life, but Nipsey Hussle’s unexpected death should have showed you we don’t have time to waste. In this song Cashier, Papablack Davinci and Lewie remind us that while we’re still on this earth we need to get it right before it’s over. Because frankly, you never know when that will be.

Have some fire music I should check out? I can’t guarantee I’ll like it BUT if I do, I’ll let you know and post it. Hit on IG @Naybesa or via email at

Have a good weekend, and remember to be your own vibe.



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