Thursday Vibes With BESA: Jhene Aiko "Triggered"

When I logged onto YouTube and seen MUVA Aiko dropped a new freestyle I had no choice put to pause and take a listen.

In Jhene Aikoโ€™s new freestyle โ€œTriggeredโ€ she paints a picture of when literally goes on in my head when Iโ€™m trigged by my ex. And being that itโ€™s mental health awareness month, itโ€™s nice to hear such an emotional truth.

Check out Jhene Aiko Triggered below:


In case you assumed this freestyle is about Big Sean, Jhene Aiko took to Twitter to clear up any misconceptions about that. Check out the tweets below!

"triggered" was a moment. a moment that for me has passed. it is new to you because ur just now hearing it, but for's something i moved on from the moment i expressed it.

triggered is NOT a diss song. it is a moment of talking shit out of frustration and passion. it's was a moment of exaggerated expression when I was feeling lost and weak. no one is to be blamed or bashed for how I was feeling in that moment. I am in control of my feelings.

this is how I paint. this is me yelling and throwing paint at a canvas... then going out into the world feeling less tension, more open... more loving. going to bed feeling less stressed, more optimistic. - Via @JheneAiko

It's a lovely day out in Seattle so enjoy your Thursday โค Follow me on Instagram @Naybesa



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