Meek Mill & Van Jones Propose PA Bill to Reform Criminal Justice System

One thing that I'm not seeing get a lot of coverage today is Meek Mill and Van Jones appearance at a news conference to introduce a new bill for prison reform:

Meek Mill's mission to reform the criminal justice system will take a huge step when he introduces a new bill at a news conference slated to begin at noon ... and TMZ will be streaming live.

The rapper will be flanked by 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin, CNN's Van Jones -- who is also the CEO of REFORM Alliance -- and several local politicians at the Philadelphia Municipal Services Building ... where they'll propose new legislation to reform the state probation and parole system - TMZ

Get into the full conference below!


The proposed bill aims to prevent the courts from sentencing a person to consecutive probation sentences, prevent the court from extending a person's time on probation or parole due to nonpayment of fines and fees, plus establish a system of incentives that reward good behavior.

Meek spoke for several minutes and underscored the need to change the criminal justice system. He championed the cause by helping introduce House Bill 1925, which has bipartisan support.

Meek, who is still on probation, said there's a lot of statutes and laws that don't make sense ... and he's there to give the voiceless a voice. - TMZ



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