Besa Radio: Ella Mai's Debut Album "Ella Mai"

I don’t get excited about album drops very often, but I love me some Ella Mai so you can only imagine the excitement I had when Ella Mai’s self-title album dropped. The day it dropped Ella Mai did a cute video on Instagram saying “the album is out” everywhere from the bathroom to a stadium. If you haven’t check out the album and you’re a R&B fan like myself, please give it a listen. But don’t just go skipping over songs, this is one of those albums that actually tell a story. Rather than your typical 2018 album that just has singles that don’t hand and hand.


My favorites are:

Good bad



Own It


Shot Clock


Just because I didn’t list all of the songs doesn’t mean I don’t love the others, but outta 16 those are the 6 I can’t live without.

What did you think of Ella Mai and what were your favorite songs?



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