Are Drake and Migos Working on a Collaborative Project?

Look at the music Gods trying to spice up my workout playlist! It’s no secret that Drake and Migos are currently on their Three Amigos Tour which hits Tacoma November 1st. But leave it to social media to begin speculating what’s going to happen after the tour before it really even gets started.

Quavo is one of the latest artist to go undercover for GQ magazine and answer fans questions on social media. One of the fans said “Quick thought but what if Migos and Drake dropped a collab mixtape after the tour?”  

Quavo then responded saying, “You must be a psychic. If that don't tell you something I don't know what to tell you!”

Check out the video below!


Personally I’m not surprised that Drake and Migos are going to do a collaborative project after the tour. It totally makes sense brand and money wise. However I am shocked that he admitted that this is indeed in the works.

Are you interested in a Drake and Migos project?



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