Taco Bell Testing Delicious 30-Day "Taco Lover Pass" Subscription

Taco Bell restaurant location

Photo: Getty Images

20 Taco Bells across Tuscan, Arizona are offering a brand new, delicious 30-day subscription service. For about $5-$10 a month, members will get a "Taco Lover's Pass" which will grant them a taco every day for the entire month. A handful of tacos are included in the package including the soft taco, spicy potato soft taco, Dorito taco and crunchy tacos. Members can also add other tacos through a special section "unlocked" upon subscribing. You know what!? This may not be a bad idea! I swear Lizette Love and I live at Taco Bell/KFC during the week. Taco Bell hopes that the subscriptions turns casual customers into regulars and a daily free taco lures new customers in. Of course, they'll be looking at ordering habits and information to create better experiences.

This isn't the first subscription that a restaurant has offered. Apparently Panera Bread offers a service where members can get free coffee everyday for $8/month. Burger King also had a subscription, that I missed, but that was scrapped shortly after it started! I have very streaming subscription there is but a restaurant subscription is definitely something I'd invest in! I don't know if it would be Taco Bell ... definitely something with french fries! What do you think of the new Taco Bell 30-day subscription and if you had to subscribe to a restaurant which one would it be!? Hit me up on IG @BennettKnows and sound off!

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