Apple Announces iPhone 13 With September Release

Apple Starts iPhone 6 Sales In Germany

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Earlier this month, #iPhone14 was trending on Twitter and I thought, that's funny did I miss the13!? While the leak for the new iPhone was fake, the anticipation surrounding the next generation of iPhone is not! Today, Apple held an event where they announced the bran new iPhone 13, mini, PRO and PRO Max. After doing some research, here are a few of the major changes or upgrades:

  • More battery life (1.5 hours longer on 13, mini and 2.5 on PRO and PRO Max).
  • Faster and smoother scroll (Super retina XDR w/ PRO motion).
  • New sierra blue and gold colors
  • Better camera (new 77 mm telephoto lens with 3 times optical zoom as well as new wide).

You know I've always been one to "keep up with the Jones'," as they say. In high school, I had every single sidekick regardless of the condition to the one prior. However, I'm still rocking with the iPhone XS Max and I'm trying to flex on the gram like those of you with the tri-camera lens. I'm definitely getting the upgrade! Follow me on Instagram @BennettKnows while we're at it! The iPhone 13, mini, PRO and PRO Max will be available on September 24th, 2021! Get all the official details HERE.

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