Kid Cudi Says That He'd Love To Work With Lil Nas X


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Lil Nas X knows how to keep the people talking! Not to mention, he's pregnant with his 17-track album Montero due September 25th. Earlier this month after releasing the star-studded appearances on the project including Elton John, Megan Thee Stallion, Doja Cat, Jack Harlow (on "Industry Baby") and Miley Cyrus. For a debut project, those are some strong-assists but we're talking about Lil Nas X - his debut single "Old Town Road" is one of the best-selling of all time. Interestingly one fan was quick to criticize Nas X for not having any collaborations with black-males despite being one of the most popular hip-hop artist at the moment. "Maybe a lot of them just don't wanna work with me," hinting at the homophobia that exist in hip-hop. I was watching one of his interviews when he explained that a lot of rappers are cool behind the scenes but "don't want to be seen with him in public".

“N***a ill work w u and frolic in rose gardens w u singin about my pain,” Cudi retweeted. Cudi has always been outspoken on controversial topics in hip-hop such as Kanye West's presidency, fashion standards, or painting his nails. I definitely appreciate rappers like Kid Cudi and Jack Harlow who challenge expectations and have thus been supportive of Lil Nas X and to be honest "Industry Baby," is a banger! I really enjoy seeing Lil Nas X live his truth through his music and for me, the representation is what matters the most! Plus the music is quality and it sounds like nothing else on the charts. Lil Nas X's album includes the singles "Montero (Call Me By Your Name)," "Industry Baby" featuring Jack Harlow and a forthcoming banger called "Scoop" featuring Doja Cat! Definitely looking forward to the release of Montero on September 17th! Will you be listening!? 

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