Instagram Influencer Charged With Selling Fake Vaccine Cards


Photo: Getty Images

An Instagram influencer in New Jersey that goes by the 'anti-vax momma' has been arrested for assisting in the distribution of fake COVID-19 vaccination cards. According to the press release, the woman is accused of selling over 250 fake vaccination cards for $200 each via her Instagram. She went even further by entering at least 10 people into New York City's official vaccination database for an extra $250. The self described entrepreneur is currently facing a couple of charges including criminal possession of a forged instrument in the second degree, offering a false instrument for filing in the first degree, and conspiracy in the fifth degree. Yikes! 12 others, all of whom work in health services, were also arrested in connection to the operation.

How’d they get caught!? She was recruiting healthcare workers and looking to "expand" on her Instagram which had 300K followers when this TikTok user hit the DMs to get more information. Once he realized the schemes he was getting involved in, he reached out to the authorities who told him the FBI were already on the case, since June! Get all those details on this unbelievable story HERE

Look vaccinated or not - that’s your choice but don’t get caught up out here trying to hit the he cluuuurb with a fraudulent vaccination card. It’s definitely not worth it! What do you think about miss "anti-vaxx momma"!? Hit me up on Instagram @BennettKnows.

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