What the hell flew over Seattle last night!?

I guess I'm getting really local with these last couple of blog posts but it's a must! What the hell flew over Seattle last night!? There were many reports of unidentified objects (notice plural) that stormed the city. At first I thought, "welp there's the UFOs and aliens the government was talking about a few months back .... prepare for stimmy numero four". However, it wasn't the arrival of our green lil' friends just yet but a shower with a perfect explanation. According to the National Weather Service of Seattle, the meteor shower was actually debris from Falcon 9 rocket owned by SpaceX and could be seen from Tacoma to Ocean Shores. Kinda crazy! Apparently, the debris failed to break up from the launch from three weeks ago and finally broke the atmosphere last night (Thursday, March 25th). Check out some social posts from the sighting below!