Is Cardi B Sampling This Song On Her New Single "Up"?

Yes! Friday just got that much better! Cardi B will be releasing her follow-up single to the smash hit "WAP" featuring Megan Thee Stallion this Friday! The announcement, came with a pre-announcement on Sunday in which Cardi shares the news that new content is coming soon. "I have an announcement," she shared with fans in a dazzling outfit. However, it wasn't the outfit that caught my ears, just my eyes, but the song played at the end of the clip that stands out. A lot of people I've spoken to initially thought the track was an early 2000s Tweet song but it's actually a one hit wonder Truth Hurt's 2002 single "Addicted" featuring Rakim! Now that that's out of the way .... if Cardi samples this on the new single, it's over! Automatic heat! Well ... whatever Cardi releases is fire! Until then, lets build some anticipation! Cardi B's new single "Up" is out this Friday!