Blimes and Gab Make Their Debut With "Talk About It" [Album Review]

Earlier this year I had the privilege of linking up with B.A.G. otherwise known as Blimes and Gab! The group made up of Seattle's lyrical-spitta Gifted Gab and the Bay Area's hard-hitting battle rapper Blimes Brixton stopped by the station to talk about their then new single “Magic” featuring Iamsu!, while dropping hints on their debut album Talk About It. During our interview, I got to know the ladies behind the lyrics, how the dynamic duo developed and and how their creativity and strengths work so well together. Following the singles “Un Deux Trois,” “Feelin It,” “Magic” and the latest single “Chelly,” Blimes and Gab make their debut with a 16-piece album that effectively leaves a mark on the hip hop scene with Talk About It.

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Talk About It appropriately opens with “Baptism,” which sets the pace for the entire project. Leaving everything on the table, Blimes and Gab set the momentum going back and forth, bar for bar, letting you know what they’re about: real spitters, real rappers and real hip-hop. On “Sacred” our aunties remind us to keep that circle tight while flaunting their strengths as the dynamic duo BAG. After a hilarious skit on “What’s A Chelly?” we visit the current single “Shellys (It’s Chill),” a smooth, feel good track that finds Gab lending some vocals for the chorus amongst some hard-hitting lyrics. By this point, we’re fully emerged into the world of the creative Blimes Brixton and Gifted Gab. After revisiting the bouncy single “Magic” featuring West Coast legend Iamsu!, the ladies flex their skills on a high-energy track “No Samples,” reminding us to secure the BAG. After teaming up with international superstar Jay Park on “Run Me My Money,” we hit the blunt and turn up with Blimes and Gab on “Feelin It”. After another hilarious on “Dunk Off,” the duo slows things down with one of my favorites tracks, a smooth and sensual “Hungover with You”. After shutting down the label on “Another Meeting” skit, the ladies turn up the heat on “Talk About It;” another hard-hitting track reminding you of the skill level and nasty flow of these lyrical spitters. After revisiting “Un Deux Trois” or the track that started it all, the ladies enlists Method Man on the “Hot Damn (Remix)”. Before leaving us with an everlasting message on “Breast Friends (Skit)” Blimes and Gab deliver some bars about self love and finding success within on “My Way” which features femcee Bahamadia. 

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Talk About It is a successful debut project that makes a mark on the culture while flaunting everything that Blimes Brixton and Gifted Gab have to offer. From beginning to end, both Blimes and Gab deliver hard-hitting, lyrical flows that amplify their roots in true hip-hop. In addition to spitting fire, the duo seasons the project with heavy melodics that showcase their writing skills and vocals. The content throughout the album flaunts a perfect contrast between feel good, turn-ups perfect for the summer and hard-hitting tracks that drip with genuine messages, representation and overall realness. The features on the album are a perfect representation of these ladies, their journey and their individual cities that they represent! Each feature, from Jay Park to Iamsu! and Method Man, only add to the album with hard-hitting, lyrical verses of their own. One of the truest gems throughout the album are the skits, nostalgic of 90s hip-hop albums and a personal connection between Blimes, Gab and the listeners! Overall, dope project that officially leaves Blimes Brixton and Gifted Gab mark on the hip-hop scene as a hip-hop duo! Talk About It has enough vibes to carry you throughout 2020! It’s time to secure the BAG! Listen to Talk About It HERE and check out some dope stuff below!

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