What I wear in my Tik Toks!

Hi friends!

Some of you have commented on what I wear in my Tik Tok videos and I decided to give you guys some links to the outfits in case you wanted to get it!

All of these outfits are from Jeans Wearhouse, which is incredibly affordable. They're also local, Hawai'i clothing stores featured all over the island. HOWEVER, they are also online!

If you decide to shop there, don't forget to use code "BECKYMITS" for $$ off!

Here is a link to some of the outfits I have worn in these videos:

Top: https://www.jeanswarehousehawaii.com/products/320345700

Pants: https://www.jeanswarehousehawaii.com/collections/18/products/110540305

Jumpsuit: https://www.jeanswarehousehawaii.com/collections/21/products/113098708

Jumpsuit: https://www.jeanswarehousehawaii.com/collections/21/products/540200014

Top: https://www.jeanswarehousehawaii.com/products/257023600

Romper: (I could not find the exact one online, but here is a very cute, similar version: https://www.jeanswarehousehawaii.com/collections/21/products/450196305 )

Dress: https://www.jeanswarehousehawaii.com/collections/10/products/188059014

Cardigan: https://www.jeanswarehousehawaii.com/collections/cardigans-1/products/150726708

Mahalo friends!


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