Stolen Car Gets Stuck After Driving Into Wet Pavement

Photo: City of Lakewood Instagram

The driver of a stolen vehicle made a big oopsie while cruising through Lakewood, Washington on Monday (September 19).

City crews were working on a paving project at the North Gate Road roundabout when the suspect drove through the barricades, according to an Instagram post. The bold driver tried plowing through "freshly-poured sidewalk," but the wet pavement stopped the car in its tracks.

Things got even more strange when the driver tried fleeing the scene. Officials say the suspect had a "young child and bottle of whiskey in hand" when he abandoned the car, but the city inspector was hot on his trail and called 911.

The driver, who hasn't been identified, was arrested and taken to jail. No word on the charges he'll face or what happened to the child or the vehicle.

Officials also shared photos of the stolen vehicle stuck in the cement. Follow-up images show crews and police removing the car and patching up the huge tire holes left behind on the soft pavement.

"Well...we had a little slow down today," officials wrote in the Instagram post. "While crews were set back today, it looks like our paving project won't be delayed due to this incident."

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