This Is Washington's Most Popular Thanksgiving Side

Turkey dinner on white plate

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Thanksgiving is upon us again. While the main course is rarely contested, some people usually switch some side items in and out. Depending on where you live, it may come down to collard greens or green beans. Baked potatoes or sweet potatoes. Dinner rolls or biscuits.

To see which state's most popular Thanksgiving side dish, Zippia looked to Google Trends to find the answer. If you're wondering about what Washingtonians are craving, it's...

Roasted vegetables!

While the Evergreen State is the only one who prefers this dish, other states want veggies, too, including Ohio, Idaho, New Mexico, Delaware, Rhode Island, and more.

Researchers found that mashed potatoes "are once again king, with 9 states loving mashed potatoes the most," including California, Arizona, Michigan, Illinois, and Oklahoma. Fifteen total states want a potato of some kind, whether it's mashed, sweet potato casserole, baked, or other variations.

It seems Americans also want more carbs with those potatoes. Zippia says they're reaching for rolls, stuffing, dressing, and more.

"Thanksgiving may be called Turkey Day, but maybe it should be called mashed potato or bread day," writers joked.

That doesn't mean you can't have one or the other. Have 'em all (if your budget allows it).

To see other states' preferred Thanksgiving side dishes, click here.

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