This Castle On Sale In Washington Comes With A Dragon

Photo: Getty Images

If you and your family ever wanted to live like royalty, the perfect home is in Washington state.

A 3,161-square-foot castle is currently on sale, according to a listing on Zillow. Located at 21632 High Rock Rd in Monroe, Washington, this 27-year-old home comes with four bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. The stunning home also comes with plenty of amenities, features, bonus items, a "scenic" pond, and a creek with a waterfall.

When you enter the castle, you will be greeted with an Italian marble floor, imported fixtures, and some nice woodwork. The home also has a cathedral-styled ceiling, suits of armor, a kitchen stove imported from France, a breakfast nook, and a massive pantry. The living room has built-in cabinets and a two-sided wood fireplace.

To complete the medieval European vibe of the home, it also comes with a majestic dragon sculpture in the yard. You also get an RV, two tractors, a Polaris Ranger, and "much more" with the property.

How much does this medieval beauty cost? It's listed at $2,300,000. Payments are estimated at $10,566 a month. The last time it was purchased was in January 2014 for only $5,280!

Click here for more details about the property and to check out a photo gallery.

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