This Is The Best Family-Friendly Restaurant In Washington

Family Enjoying Snack In Café Together

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While it's always great to spend time with your family, picking a restaurant everyone can enjoy isn't easy. Kids and teenagers have particular tastes, and parents don't want to take themselves out of the equation, either.

That's where LoveFOOD comes in. The website found the best restaurants in each state where families can enjoy themselves regardless of their taste buds or preferences. Not only do these spots have a nice menu, but they have other features that'll sweeten the experience, from scenic views to friendly service.

With that said, what's the best family-friendly restaurant in Washington state? That honor goes to...

La Tarasca!

Here's what writers said about the restaurant:

"Colourful doesn’t quite cut it. Cheerful, maybe. Fun, definitely. Family-run La Tarsaca in Centralia, south of Olympia, is also the best place to eat traditional and very, very tasty Mexican food. Michoacán dishes are the speciality and there’s plenty to keep children happy. Families can either order a variety of tamales, tacos and other dishes to share or kids can get individual portions from the special menu. Servers are warm and welcoming, and the kitchen is happy to tone down spicier dishes if needed."

You can find La Tarasca at 1001 W Main St. in Centralia. They're open for dine-in and takeout.

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