Brandi Carlile Recounts Unforgettable Night With Elton John

Brandi Carlile dished all about her wild, fun-filled friendship with Elton John.

During Thursday’s (May 27) 2021 iHeartRadio Music Awards, the singer-songwriter spoke with PEOPLE about the unforgettable night she had hanging out with the iconic Rocket Man and another famous rock legend.

"This is the last time I saw him," the Broken Horses author started, "It was really profound for me because I had been the biggest Elton John fan in the universe since I was like 11 years old and he had never seen me sing."

“And the next night we went to Joni Mitchell's house and he sat down at her piano, in the living room and he played 'Your Song' and I just remember sitting on the floor, next to Joni Mitchell watching Elton John play 'Your Song' in the living room thinking, 'How did this end up being my life?'" the 39-year-old recounted.

Speaking of what she’s learned under his mentorship, Carlile offered: "He doesn't really give advice. He's one of those interesting mentors where he just sort of smirks at you and makes you figure out yourself."

"When we do talk, we send each other pictures, we both have an Elijah," Carlile said of her daughter, 2, and Elton’s son, 8. "I came up just with so much intense admiration for Elton John. I think we find ourselves in a position of being soulmates. Our friendship is an amazing one. "

Earlier this week, Carlile paid tribute to the iHeartRadio Icon Award recipient alongside Demi Lovato and H.E.R. in a spirited medley covering some of Elton’s most beloved songs. (Watch it below.)

Photo: Getty Images

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