5 Year Old Delivers Hand Written Note and Baby Yoda To Oregon Firefighters!

Remember when everybody fell in love with Baby Yoda after Mandalorian came out on Disney + ? 

Now firefighters battling the Oregon wild fires are falling in love with him.

Last weekend, 5 year old Carver and his Grandma went out shopping for supplies to donate to firefighter and they stumbled across Baby Yoda.

Carver wrote a note that said “Thank you firefighters, here is a friend for you in case you get lonely, Love Carver” and they dropped off the supplies and Baby Yoda. 

So all week long, the baby Yoda and Carver’s note have been going from wildfire to wildfire to lift the spirits of the crews on the frontlines- there is even a facebook page of this Baby Yoda’s journey and you can see all the firefighters sharing a moment with baby yoda.


Here is the Facebook link! Baby Yoda has been in a helicopter, on water trucks, on the firelines, and more! 

Photo: Getty

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