Young Dolph Gives Fan His $412K Lamborghini As Part Of 'Rich Slave' Promo

Memphis rapper Young Dolph no longer owns the blue and orange Lamborghini that's on the cover of his latest album Rich Slave. That's because he delivered it himself to a fan in Dallas.

Jackie won the 2018 Aventador S Roadster valued at $412,000 and a check for $20,000. It was all part of the promotion for Young Dolph's album that was released in August and his return to music after retiring in March.

"I just wanted to show my fans some love. It really lets them know that I love them just as much as they love me. They've been showing me this love throughout my career and I want to show them that I appreciate it," he told Paper.

Young Dolph also decided to get rid of his ride because he wasn't using it. "last week i walked in the garage to get on my 4wheeler and i looked at my Lambo and said to myself 'Dolph u should give someone your aventador and let them enjoy it, u not doin nothin wit it,'" he wrote on Instagram in July.

The customer Roadster does make an appearance in the music video for his song "Cray Cray."

Rich Slave is Young Dolph's highest charting album to date. It peaked at #2 on the Billboard chart for current album sales. The album has the singles "Blue Diamonds," "Death Row," and "RNB" featuring Megan Thee Stallion.