WATCH: Mom Throws Son A 21st Birthday Party At 'Club Quarantine' In Garage!

Shout out to Jack Torchia and his mom & dad who refused to let him miss out on turning 21!! He came home from college to isolate with the fam in New Jersey..his plans to celebrate with friends and family obviously fell through last minute due to coronavirus, quarantining, and social distancing..but his mom, Carolyn, took it upon herself to make sure he had a good time. She turned her husband's "man cave" into "Club Quarantine" and gave her son the full club hopping experience! lol At midnight on March 22, Club Quarantine opened with Jacks dad as the bouncer checking ID's at the door, his mom as the bartender pouring shots, and his 18 year old sister Emily recording the whole thing before putting the video on TikTok which now has over 4.5 million views!

Another family created a pub crawl in their house for their daughter who turned 22, every room has it's own theme/drinks!

Photo: Getty

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