Sultan Teens Create Food Pantries To Feed Hungry Classmates

A group of Sultan teens known as The Sky Valley Youth Coalition wanted to make sure their classmates in need have enough food, so they created food pantries at the middle and high schools in Sultan where more than half the students receive free or reduced-price lunches.

Even many of those involved in the project have also gone without food at some point.

A lot of times, kids can eat at school during the week, but on the weekend they may not have breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and You can't expect a kid to do well in class when they come to school hungry."

The coalition started the project from scratch organizing several food drives at local grocery stores and put on a chili cook-off fundraiser in January.

The need is huge, last year they bagged up and delivered about 400 weekend packs. This school year, "The middle school alone needs 200 a week.

 If you want to help, The Sky Valley Youth Coalition has have another food drive and fundraiser scheduled

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