Are Men Too Dependent On Women

Let’s talk about it!

So while I was watching the BET Hip Hop Awards tonight, I happened to scroll over a friend’s Facebook status that read “Are men too dependent on women these days?” Now you KNOW I had to read the comments!

One said “All I know is that there are grown, GROWN a** men out there that keep asking to stay in my house or on my couch. Nah uh.” Another said “Not at all, the chicks don’t know when to get out lol.” Which is pretty much agreeing if you ask me. A male replied saying “Honestly, out of all the places I’ve been in the world. Seattle is the ONLY place where the relationship culture is for the women to want “hood” ni***s that depend on them and use them for what they have to offer. Like it’s the thing to do to have a man that literally NEEDS them. Don’t shoot me for my observation”

So what do I think? *sips tea*

I’m not going to say that ALL men depend on women now-a-days, but I’m also not going to say I don’t know any men that do. Because frankly, I know a few. Personally I’m not down for men living off women, driving their cars, staying in their homes, eating their food and only offering sex in return. Like at least clean up the place! However on the other hand if the chick is okay with it, whom am I to say it’s wrong. If anything it’s just wrong for me!

When it comes to dating, you could say I have an old fashioned way of looking at things. No I will not go dutch on my dates, and no I won’t get dressed up to just smoke and chill in your car. If I’m going to date a man, he needs to be a man, not a boy that needs me to help him become one. I’m sorry fellas but if your mom couldn’t do it neither can I.

Ladies, if you pay your man’s way, don’t hate me LOL I’m just not one for it. The way I see it, I can save a lot more money being single if that’s the case.

Do you think men are too dependent on women? Or is it just a Seattle thing?

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