Two Seattle Activists Are Helping Homeless Women By Doing This!

Two Seattle Activists Are Helping Homeless Women With a Monthly Necessity... The project is called One Million Tampons and they host shows and events every 28-35 days

Admiral Bird Café owner Corina Luckenbach and musician Melanie Granger have put a female necessity, tampons, within easy reach of homeless women.  Through their project, these friends have collected thousands of tampons and distributed them with the help of organizations such as YouthCare and Mary’s Place.

You can drop donations at Admiral Bird, West Seattle, 2600 California Ave. or at one of the  shows and events (details on Facebook) occurring every 28-35 days and the entry fee—of course—is tampons.

You can check out their FB here>> One Million Tampons or their IG @onemilliontampons

We love it! Nice job ladies!



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