Tekashi 6ix9ine Brought Chief Keef's Baby Momma To NYC To Shop at Gucci

The beef between New York Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine and Chicago Rapper Chief Keef has officially reached new limits. Over the past couple of weeks, the two rappers have been exchanging shots at each other literally and figuratively. On June 2nd shots were fired at the Chicago rapper when he was leaving his New York hotel, the investigation is still underway but the rapper walked away without any injuries. 

It seems as if the two rappers have been playing a game of cat and house as shortly after the shooting 6ix9ine departed to L.A, with Chief Keef following his lead only a matter of days later. Most recently 6ix9ine had taken a trip out to Chicago which rightfully caused quite the uproar as he had been dissing not only Keef but fellow Chicago rapper Lil Reese, who went straight to Instagram live while he was hunting for 6ix9ine in his city. Multiple other videos have popped up online since of people in Chicago going around asking anybody and everybody if they have seen Tekashi in their city also claiming that he has police guarding and following his every move.


While social media exploded waiting to see what the "Gummo" rapper would do next, he took the time to share the good deads he was doing in the city as he bought meals and fed the homeless of Chicago something he claims the rappers from the city don't do, all while sending a message to Chi-town rappers that he is untouchable and they will never get him.


However, Tekashi's most recent act of trolling has landed him back in NYC and he isn't alone. In a video posted to his Instagram today (June 13th) he is seen walking into the NYC Gucci store with an unknown female who is wearing his chain. Well as it turns out that female is none other than Chief Keef's baby mother Slim Danger. "I'm out here in New York, and guess what that N**** don't do s*** for his F****** kid". As of right now, Chief Keef has not responded to 6ix9ine's Instagram post but you can be sure this won't sit well with him.

Talk about stirring the pot, check out the video of Chief Keef's Baby Mother shopping with Tekashi below..

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