Kylie Jenner Gets Paid $1 Million Per Social Post

Even if you really don't like the Kardashians you have to admit that how they stay in the public eye is the greatest thing on the planet. Every one of them is getting paid TONS of money just for living their lives, but a new report conducted by social media insights say that KYLIE JENNER is worth the most on social media because experts say that each one of her posts is worth $1 MILLION!!

Essentially this means that every time Kylie mentions a product on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter, that product is getting the equivalent of $1 million in advertising. She's the first and only member of the Kardashian-Jenner family to reach that level.


In 2016, she was the most followed person on Snapchat and she has averaged 25,530 new followers per day since April 1 across all of her social media accounts. According to People Kylie reportedly has 154,775,091 followers throughout her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

Where can we sign up to be social influencers on her level?? We'll endorse ANYTHING!!

SOURCE: EliteDaily


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