Kanye West Says "Slavery Was a Choice" on TMZ and Gets Called Out on It

Two weeks ago we were all excited for Kanye West to officially come back on social media and make new music, but after the current week he is having maybe not so much now.

Yesterday Kanye West had two major things happen for him: Kanye had a nearly TWO HOUR interview with Charlamagne Tha God and Kanye, which you can go to here, also made an appearance at TMZ Live where he claimed "slavery was a choice."

They're both completely opposite sides of Kanye, but his TMZ interview started with Kanye admitting he was addicted to opioids and calling out the TMZ staff which you can watch below.


So Kanye wasn't to a great start with  the staff at TMZ and then he went on to say that "slavery was a choice," which provoked a TMZ reporter named Van Lathan to call Kanye out, which you can also watch below!


So when can we get the old Kanye back because while he did interrupt Taylor he at least was a little more fun!!

SOURCE: DailyBeast


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