Everything You Need to Know About *NSYNC's Hollywood Star Ceremony

*NSYNC got their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday and it was complete pandemonium. The streets were PACKED with fans screaming like it was the 90s all over again. I sat in my car and watched the stream with a huge smile on my face (it's Carla Marie by the way).

It was a crazy day that ended on a positive note with Justin teasing a reunion?! You can watch the entire ceremony below and I broke down the best parts so you can fast forward if you don't feel like watching the whole thing!

Ellen Degeneres honors *NSYNC:  4:15

Carson Daily honors *NSYNC: 8:10

My favorite parts are when the guys talk, their speeches kick off at 17:00

Some highlights from their speeches are Lance talking about growing up gay and not being able to come out: 20:00

Justin teasing a reunion:  26:30 

JC coming back to the mic to give us it's a little "It's Gonna be May!!!":  27:30



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