Side Hustlers Podcast hosted Carla Marie: It All Comes Out in the Wash with

Welcome to a the latest edition of the Side Hustlers podcast! In this episode I talk to my friend and former co-worker, Ronnie Scalzo. He's the voice and creator of the intro you hear every time you listen to a Side Hustlers podcast! Ronnie tells us all about his life of side hustles...he's been doing it for a while. He's got a ton of experience in the independent music world as he started his own record label years ago! Ronnie is the first person I knew to start their own podcast, Independent Minded...I guess we have him to thank for my podcasting! 

Ronnie teaches us the valuable lesson of having a passion and how it can help with our overall mental health. He also teaches us the valuable all comes out in the wash! Listen to Side Hustlers with Ronnie below and check out his podcast too!



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