Backstreet Boys Ranked as the Best Boy Band of All Time

Boy bands have been around pretty much since music was ever a thing and one of the more important things we all do is pick a boy band and fight anyone else who picks a different group. Backstreet Boys vs *NSYNC and One Direction vs The Wanted are just examples, but Billboard made a list of the best boy band songs of all time and Backstreet Boys came out on top!!

Yep, you read that Backstreet Boys came out on top with their song "I Want it That Way!" Billboard made a list of the top 100 boy band songs and oddly enough they included The Beatles as a boy band. You can check out the top 10 boy band songs and the groups that sing them below:

1.  "I Want it That Way",  The Backstreet Boys

2.  "I Want You Back",  The Jackson 5

3.  "I Want to Hold Your Hand",  The Beatles

4.  "What Makes You Beautiful",  One Direction

5.  "Tearin' Up My Heart",  'N Sync

6.  "Can You Stand the Rain",  New Edition

7.  "Daydream Believer",  The Monkees

8.  "Step By Step",  New Kids on the Block

9.  "Back Here",  BBMak

10.  "MMMBop", Hanson

Now if you want to celebrate the Backstreet Boys finally beating *NYSYNC then relive the late 90s below!!

IMAGE: Getty