The Most Swiped-Right Careers on Dating Apps for Men and Women

If you have always wondered what career you need to pursue you might want to consider what a new survey is calling the "most attractive careers to have!"

According to Badoo's survey, a dating app which has more than 380 million users worldwide, which was conducted with over 5,000 people between the age of 18-30 these are the most swiped-right (which is a good thing) jobs to have for men and women:


  1. Chef
  2. Engineer
  3. Enterpeneur
  4. Marketing
  5. Artist


  1. Hairdresser
  2. Nurse
  3. Lawyer
  4. Entrepeneur
  5. Teacher

The only job on both lists was entrepreneur, but if you are going to take anything away from this list is that women want men who can cook while men want women who can give them great haircuts!!

Tinder also did a similar list with "entrepreneur" coming up on both lists as well so find someone who has their own business!!

SOURCE: Independent

IMAGE: Getty


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