Carla Marie's Song of the Week: Max - 10 Victoria's Models

Every Friday I give you my song of the week. It's your job to text in to the show and give me your honest opinion at 97373 but you can always tweet me @theCarlaMarie

My song of the week is normally a new song but sometimes I give you a song from an artist's album that you may have never heard, like this week. Max is incredible. His album, "Hells Kitchen Angel", is so much fun and I've been listening as I work out. Max is a friend of POWER 93.3 and has been incredible to our listeners when visiting Seattle. He's unbelievably talented with a vibe unlike any other artist right now. He definitely has a little bit of a Fall Out Boy sound, he's toured with them, covered their songs, and Pete Wentz has signed him to DCD2 records. 

Listen to Max - "10 Victoria's Secret Models" and let me know what you think!



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