Teen Brought a Cardboard Cut-Out of Michael B. Jordan to Her Prom

It's FINALLY prom season and while we love seeing everyone's dresses and cute prom pics, one teen has us impressed by her commitment to bringing a cardboard cutout of Michael B. Jordan as her date!

Audeva asked all of her guy friends if they wanted to go to prom with her and they all said "no" or couldn't go, so she decided to bring someone she really liked looking at, which was Black Panther's Michael B. Jordan, but in cardboard cut-out form!

She took prom pics with the cut-out, which you can see below, and the even greater thing is that Michael B. Jordan responded to her pictures on Instagram!!


Now is there any way possible we can have Michael B. Jordan show up in-studio? We'll get a cardboard cut-out and put it in a chair if needed!!

IMAGE: Instagram


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