Zombie Raccoons are a REAL Thing!?!

We know the zombie trend is in full-effect thanks to The Walking Dead, but tons of people in Ohio have actually reported seeing zombie raccoons in their neighborhoods late at night.

Authorities at the police department in Youngstown, Ohio (where Hoody's grandparents live) have received over a dozen calls in the last few weeks from people describing raccoons standing on their hind legs, bearing their teeth, and then toppling over to the ground where they lay motionless until they get back up again.

The even weirder thing is that most of the incidents have occurred during the day and that no loud noises are scaring the raccoons either!


According to the Department of Natural Resources the animals are most likely suffering from distemper, which causes coughing, tremors and seizures and a loss of fear of humans in raccoons. However, maybe just keep your guard up if you are visiting Ohio anytime soon and see a raccoon.


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