All the Best April Fool's Day Pranks on the Internet!

April Fool's Day is one of the best days for companies to test out potential products and advertise them as April Fool's Day pranks and this year there were a ton of companies that came up with fake products we actually want! 

Check out all the best April Fool's Day pranks from the Internet below:

Burger King's Chocolate Whopper

We would actually be down for this if Burger King eventually decided to release it!



Because who doesn't want a fried onion ring right near their eye? 


Netflix Acquires Seth Rogen

So they don't technically own him, but he does have a comedy benefit special coming out on April 6!!


Ramen Opticals

Never have your glasses steam up again and have a fork always on the go!


Google Maps' "Where's Waldo" Mini-Game

The game will go on for a week after April Fool's Day!!


T-Mobile Sidekicks

But honestly who wouldn't love having built-in speakers in your shoes? Plus, these are on sale too!


SodaSoak by SodaStream

If The Mountain from Game of Thrones and Reza Farahan endorse something you got to have it!


Howie: The Smart Storage Smart Bot

It's like an early version of Wall-E!!


Roku "Happy Streaming" Socks

How awesome would these be if you ever lost your remote for your Roku? Plus, they're stylish as well!


Teens React to Nothing

The popular REACT YouTube channel had its cast sit and wait with a blank screen thinking that they were reacting to something!



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