Labrador Retrievers are the Most Popular Dog Breed in America

If you need a new furry friend in your life and can't decide on which puppy to add to your family then don't worry anymore because the American Kennel Club has released its top dog breeds from last year!

The Labrador retriever came in at the #1 spot for the 27th year in a row since 1991!! This might be because Labrador retrievers are commonly used as search dogs, service dogs, rescue dogs, and therapy dogs. Here's the rest of the top 10:

  1. Labrador Retrievers
  2. German Shepherd Dogs
  3. Golden Retrievers
  4. French Bulldogs 
  5. Bulldogs
  6. Beagles 
  7. Poodles 
  8. Rottweilers
  9. Yorkshire Terriers
  10. Boxers

Now bask in this puppy cuteness!!!

IMAGE: Getty, Giphy

SOURCE: MarketWatch


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