Is Richard Sherman Leaving The Seahawks???

Richard Sherman has been very outspoken when it comes to the behind-the-scenes of the NFL. He's been on twitter a lot lately talking about the possibility of himself and teammate Earl Thomas being traded. 

Jeremy Lane tweeted something this morning that was pretty easy to decode: does this mean Sherm is leaving the Hawks?? What's the text he's talking about? Also.. why is he tweeting this out LOL


Shortly after Lane tweeted, Kam Chancellor shared this instagram post that's a little less obvious, but still a very clear nod to #25. 


Richard reportedly has responded saying "I'm good. Not sure what that's about.. Haven't been told anything." 


Ian from our sister station KJR has some interesting insight. With Richard representing himself (no agent) he could be anticipating that he will not be with the Hawks and potentially has been letting his teammates know ahead of time. 


Is it all hear-say at this point?! Probably. But clearly something is stirring up all of these rumors and tweets. 


If Sherm really is meeting with Pete today, him supposedly saying goodbye to his teammates right now is no coincidence. Richard is a smart guy, and whatever he has planned, I'm sure he's thought through it completely. 


It would be heartbreaking to lose #25 from our beloved Seahawks roster. With rumors of most of our LOB leaving, can you see the Hawks ever having another season like that 2013 run? 

For now, all we can do is speculate and wait to see what unfolds!

UPDATED: Mama Sherman seems to have confirmed that her son will no longer be playing for the Seahawks.. do we take this as our answer? 



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