Drunk Guy Blacks Out and Takes a $1,600 Uber to New Jersey

We totally understand passing out in an Uber on the way home from a night out, but this guy took it to the next level with his $1,600 Uber ride!!!

A guy named Kenny Bachman was maybe having a little too much fun while visiting friends in Morgantown, West Virginia and tried to take and Uber back to his friend's place a few miles from the bars.

Bachman passed and when he woke up he realized the driver was driving in NEW JERSEY!!! Look how far that is on a map!


Apparently Bachman tapped the HOME option in Uber instead of his friend's address and the driver assumed that's where he wanted to go! That's OVER 300 miles and Bachman's fare was over $1,600!!!

The even funnier thing is that it should have been about $800, but Bachman ordered an UberXL instead. Bachman did pay for the ride, but it turns out he's headed back to West Virginia to get his stuff!!

Maybe quit while you’re ahead next time??

SOURCE: Sky News


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