Beyoncé Is Prepping For Coachella - By Going Vegan!

BeyoncĂ© posted on her Instagram on Friday afternoon that its "Vegan Time!!" just 44 days before she hits the Coachella Main Stage. Bey told fans in her caption to join her on The 22 Days Nutrition Meal Planner,  a healthy online guide to a plant based lifestyle. BeyoncĂ© and her husband Jay-Z are featured on the home page of the website. 


The Meal Planner was created by Jay and Bey along with founder Marco Borges, and the program prides itself in helping people achieve happiness through health with regular guidance and support. 

The program is completely customize-able; you put in how much you cook, your dietary needs, allergies and more, and The Meal Planner creates a personal menu and grocery list just for you for your health goals. In 22 Days, the program is out to help people break unhealthy habits and replace them with new healthy habits. Read more about The Meal Planner on their website

So, are you going Vegan with the Carters?  



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