You Can Make Someone Unfollow You Without Knowing on Instagram!

Sometimes you just need to get rid of someone following you for personal or social reasons, especially if they put spam comments on all of your posts, and you can now secretly make them unfollow you without them knowing!


Here's what you have to do:

1. Locate The Account

2.Block Them... For Now (Just Hit the Three Dots in the Upper Right-Hand Corner)

3. Unblock Them

After you do that the specific person won't be following you on Instagram anymore and you won't follow them either. You can see below that it made me unfollow POWER's Instagram as well!

This trick doesn't work on any other social media, but if you do have a lot of negative comments or spam on your posts from people who follow you this trick can help out! GOOD LUCK!!

SOURCE: Bustle


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