Deals: Costco Is Selling 50 Roses For $50

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching so it'll be no surprise if you start to notice the prices on roses and flowers in general increase at your grocery store. I've seen prices go up to as much as $40/dozen basic roses at Safeway around V-day. 

If you're planning on getting your SO roses this February 14th, you have to take advantage of this Costco deal. 50 roses for $50 roses.. seriously only $1/stem. 

Here's how the deal works: it's good for V-Day preorders of either 50 red roses or half red and half white bouquets, is only available until Feb 10th (or while supplies last), shipping and handling is included (!!!), and you can pick a delivery date of Feb 9th, 13th or 14th. 

They come wrapped in two bunches (which could be handy if you're planning to give these out to two different people), no vase, and you don't even need a Costco card to cash in on the deal. Non-members will be charged a 5% fee though, which is only $2.50. 

Are roses on Valentine's Day cliche? Yes. But even though roses are one of my least favorite flowers, even I would feel so special if 50 roses were delivered to me at work on Valentine's Day. You might think your GF/wife/SO isn't into Hallmark holidays, but I guarantee they would love the gesture. Click here to peep the deal! 


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