Instagram's Newest Update Lets You Use GIFs in Your Instagram Stories!

Instagram just gave you another reason to use Instagram Stories over Snapchat as you can now use GIFs in your Instagram story with the app's latest update!


If you haven't already you'll need to make sure your Instagram is updated to Version 29, but here is how you find GIFs when posting an Instagram story:

  1. Click on the upper left camera icon like you were going to post a story
  2. Either take a photo or swipe up to import a photo on your phone
  3. Click on the sticker button in the upper right corner (The "peeling smiley square")
  4. Tap the GIF sticker
  5. Search away for ANY GIF you want and then select it!


Now you can't use your go-to GIFs of someone being shocked or Drake clapping just yet, because we tried it out and it's really basic GIFs right now, but over the next few weeks there will be more added!

You can re-size any GIF to whatever size you want it to be on your story and in the coming weeks you’ll be able to upload photos and videos of any size to your Story as well!!

IMAGE: Getty


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