You Might Want to Turn Off Instagram's Creepy New Feature

Instagram added a new feature yesterday, and you probably want to turn it off. Unless, you want your friends and people in your DMs to know EXACTLY when you're using the app. 

People you follow and people you have previously chatted with in direct messages can now see when you're using Instagram.. down to the minute. I've even seen "active now" on a few people in my messages! Kinda creepy. Or if you're me, kinda embarrassing (since I'm on IG WAY too much). 

You know how you sometimes have to scroll IG without actually 'liking' anything (because people can see that too) when you're avoiding a text or call and don't want the person you're avoiding to see that you're actually on your phone? That's no longer safe as they could see your activity just by opening the app!

But, there's a quick and easy way to fix it. Just go to your settings and scroll down until you see "Show Activity Status" and click it off. 

The only catch is: if you turn it off, you can no longer see the activity status of other people. Makes sense.. you shouldn't be able to spy without being spied on. 


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