Paris Hilton Blocked Me on Twitter

Paris Hilton tweeted the video of her boyfriend proposing clearly staged retake of her proposal and I had questions. 

First of all: Congrats to Paris and her fiance who I loved on season one and half of season two of The Leftovers before I stopped watching. 

That's all you girl- the ring is massive and I'm sure it was a beautiful moment you two shared that you didn't want to share with the world. But I had questions when she captioned it as "the most romantic moment of my life!".. Like.. where's the romance sis? I don't see it   


So naturally, I asked my friend/digital producer Kara who looks into the lives of celebrities maybe even more than I do to double check that I wasn't missing something.


Other people thought the same thing. 


But Paris, didn't. 


So, that was how I got blocked by Paris Hilton today, January 3rd, 2018. The ironic part was that I've never even followed her, I only saw the video because someone else retweeted it. 

Thank you for kicking off my new year in a great way, Paris. Blessings on your upcoming union!


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