Macklemore Surprises "The Residency" Seattle Members with Trip

Another reason to love Mack. 

He and Alaska Airlines surprised members of his program The Residency with a trip to Phoenix for his show. 

The Residency was started by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis in 2015 with MoPOP (or EMP) and Arts Corps to provide a fully-funded arts program for underserved youth in the greater Seattle area. 

Seattle native Travis Thompson, who went on the Gemini tour with Macklemore, performed with him on Fallon, and is featured on Mack's song Corner Store, was in The Residency program in 2015. 

Based on my impeccable ability to memorize lyrics to every Drake and Nicki Minaj song and perform them beautifully on Instagram stories, I'm wondering if I could join The Residency even though I'm 29? I'm going to look into that. 



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