Carla Marie's Christmas Gift Guide!

You shall receive! A week ago we got a text from Amanda in Tacoma asking if I could post some of my favorite items from What's Trending and make a gift guide! Amanda, here ya go! These are some of my ALL TIME faves! Plus you'll get coupon codes when shopping most of them! HAPPY SHOPPING!! Let me know if you have ANY questions or problems ordering Tweet me: @theCarlaMarie

Carla Marie

Little Words Project: One of my all time favorite brands. Little Words Project creates bracelets that are the perfect gift for every single woman in your life no matter the age! You can choose from their inspirational words or customize. Each LWP bracelet has a tag with a number so you can register it on their website. The point of a LWP bracelet is to wear it until you think you've lived out the word or saying and then pass it on to someone new. You can track your bracelet via the number to see where it goes! OR you can just wear yours forever! Use Code: POWER933 to get 20% off your order until 12/20.


Mulberry and Grand : These canvas bags are so cute and versatile. I use mine as makeup case but they also work as a colored pencil case. They're also great for traveling, you can literally put ANYTHING in there. Mine says "I've got 99 bobby pins but I can't find one". A cool gift idea would be to get one and fill it up with beauty products or cute trinkets!


Love Your Melon Beanies: I have two of these and they are THE BEST. So warm and so comfy. They have beanies without the little poof on top too! Every time you buy one beanie, Love Your Melon donates a beanie to a child with cancer!


RSVLTSTHE BEST PLACE TO SHOP FOR DUDES. Full disclosure, two of my best friends are the creators...but their stuff is LEGIT. Sandlot gear? Yes. USA gear? Yes. Comfy? Yes. They have ladies stuff too and I wear a lot of their guys stuff in a small! Code POWER933 gets you 20% off!


FabFitFun: I am obsessed with my seasonally FabFitFun box! It makes THE PERFECT gift because you're giving them so much and paying so little! HAHA! You can buy someone a seasonal subscription which will send them one box a season (4) for a year for $180.00 (There's a sale!) or you can buy them ONE box for $50. It really is the best gift because each individual box has full size products ranging  from beauty to accessories and it's A $200+ VALUE! Use code CARLAMARIE for $10 off your first order!


GiG New York: I'm scared to admit the amount of accessories I have from Gigi New York...purses, wallets, backpack, satchel, notebooks, wallet, cardholder, and more! It's all made from gorgeous leather, I get compliments on every single piece! My favorite part? Everything can be monogrammed!! Who doesn't love a personalized gift?! Whether you're buying mom the purse she'll use forever or your BFF a brand new leather metallic notebook Gigi New York has amazing gifts. Use code POWER933 to get 20% off your purchase! 


Wish You Were Northwest: This was one of the first brands I learned about when moving to Washington. Legit, the most comfy sweatshirt I have EVER worn. Ever. They've got so many items other than sweatshirts like my "Tyna Hike" tank or my "Roadtrips and Donuts" tank. There's so much to choose from for men and women. Wish You Were Northwest gear is great if you're shopping for someone in the PNW but it also makes a cool gift for those who don't! Code POWER933 gets you 25% off!


Moorea Seal's The 52 Lists Project: Moorea Seal is a local Seattle designer and she's legit. Her brand new store on 1st Ave has accessories you'll be obsessed with. Shop her designs from anywhere here. Moorea is also an author and she wrote The 52 Lists Project which is basically a year's worth of weekly writing inspiration. For example one week says "What were your dream jobs as a kid and what are they now?" This is a great holiday gift ahead of the new year!


One Memory Lane: This is the ULTIMATE for mom. One Memory Lane created personalized gifts in a NON cheesy way! So many personalized gifts can be over the top but these are subtle and classy! Key chains, necklaces, guitar picks, and SO many more!



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