Real Talk: LGBTQ Conversations for Change

Seattle Pride is hosting “REAL TALK: LGBTQ Conversations for Change” – a town hall series that will focus on critical, frank discussions of Seattle’s community perspectives, including conversations about pride, racism, and nationalism in LGBTQ communities, access to safety and spaces and LGBTQ experiences with local law enforcement. This town hall will include both experiential activities, small and large group conversations. This town hall will feature a short panel of perspectives navigating LGBTQ communities by three well-known nightlife personalities of color, the Face of the Midwest “Monique Heart” and RuPaul’s Drag Race Veterans, Jade Sotomayor (Season 1) and Monica Beverly Hillz (Season 5). This town hall is moderated by Randall Jenson, Director of SocialScope Productions and nationally recognized LGBTQ anti-violence and hate crime advocate.


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